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Abir' Graduation Day

Tadaaa , i just graduated .... all praise to the most High . The journey finally find its end point . I've got into a point where a lot of emotion came up before i went to Seri Iskandar . Hell yeah of course the sad one came first . But after all it went well but not real fine . Just glad my parents can show up at that time .

I told them for like 3 month before the event and hoping that they can say the best line like ' wow cant wait  / of course im gonna be there / sure all of us will '  but no . It makes me cry a river when my ayah say 'alah diploma je , tak dekan pun pointer pun cukup makan , kursus pun tak professional ' i felt so disappointed on that vary moment its feel like my surrounding become gloomy all of sudden. I though after all my hard work keeping all those shit together will make them at least smile . but hell no , it will cost more to get credit even when credit is do yes i know that he's not press n charge but whats more that he wanted me to …