Micro Fishing Is a New Hobby

What is a micro fishing?

 Obviously by the word itself you know that the fish's size is super small . It's a new thing in fishing. There are so many micro fishers out there. Their target is multi species fish .

Is it fun ?
  Yes , it is fun . Everybody should try it . You don't have to cast so far to catch multi species fish . Just use simple rig  and the best bait is worm and maggot . Please use barbless hook , so that don't hurt them so much.
  For Me , I enjoy micro fishing  because I can see there's more unique colors on them before they grow up and sometimes you caught small fish that you never know they were living in your fishing spot . Sometimes you might caught exotic species which is rare to us in Malaysia because my country does not apply preservation and conservation to the habitat as good as Norway .

I just started micro fishing about couple months before and now I take a break because I just started my first semester . Hahaha still looking up for holiday but I ain't got friends with same hobby.

Now I'm planning to updating my micro fish photo collection. I would like to start making a video about microfishing but for now I don't have good equipment and time . Mannn Malaysia is now having a crisis we are having a hard time now.

species :

Is it challenging?
 Sure but that's is one of the reasons why they are fun . You might struggling to find the right spot , bait , size of hook .

What you got from micro fishing?
Seriously for me , I m having a great time that I should have when I was a kid . What is the most important is you know learn a little bit about the habitat and their population. Appreciate it . Thank God I'm in love with His creations. Praise the Most High to give us chance to see a lot of His creations . I really wanted to see what kind of habitat in the water when dinosaurs are still alive .

What combo set up to use ?
I just have medium action that's all i used , but i think the best is to use ultralight rod , 2lb line ,tiny hook and bobber or with slip weight .

Inspired by who?
Extreme Philly Fishing .


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