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Kuala Pilah History

 Kuala Pilah is one over nine zone located in Negeri Sembilan’s state and also known as “pekan kecil”  In a research (2010) there are 66 ,668 people living in this zone which measured to be 109 ,039.58 hectare where 15.5% from Negeri Sembilan . It have 11 smaller zone in it (mukim) which is Langkap (9,664.65 hectare ) , Parit Tinggi (3,884.99 hect), Terachi (16,316.94 hect) , Ampang Tinggi (3,107.99 hect) , Seri Menanti ( 7,769.97 hect) , Johol (28,489 .90 hec), Ulu Jempol ( 10 , 100.96 hec) Juasseh (8,805.97 hect) , Kuala Pilah (3,625.99hec) and Kepis ( 9, 841.50hec) .

This area has been named after the junction of two branches near the first mosque of Kuala Pilah, the Tok Muar Mosque which forms a kuala. "The river bank is going to the left to the Pahang River and branches to the right to the Muar River and this is where the port is located rapidly with trading activity at that time."This port was once used by Arab and Persian merchants to sell spices while devel…

Micro Fishing Is a New Hobby

What is a micro fishing?

 Obviously by the word itself you know that the fish's size is super small . It's a new thing in fishing. There are so many micro fishers out there. Their target is multi species fish .

Is it fun ?
  Yes , it is fun . Everybody should try it . You don't have to cast so far to catch multi species fish . Just use simple rig  and the best bait is worm and maggot . Please use barbless hook , so that don't hurt them so much.
  For Me , I enjoy micro fishing  because I can see there's more unique colors on them before they grow up and sometimes you caught small fish that you never know they were living in your fishing spot . Sometimes you might caught exotic species which is rare to us in Malaysia because my country does not apply preservation and conservation to the habitat as good as Norway .

I just started micro fishing about couple months before and now I take a break because I just started my first semester . Hahaha still looking up for hol…